Valentine’s Day 2017 – Keep love in the air with our top 5 ideas!

valentines day 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 is around the corner and its time to get those thinking caps on for how to make a proclamation about how truly special your loved one is! But if you’re anything like us here at The Source, our biggest concern is how to circumnavigate the fromage factor, the kitsch-iness if you will. Petrol station red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocs just doesn’t cut it anymore, but the sensory overload of advertising and marketing continues to frustratingly blur that very fine line between cheesy and dead cool!

So here are our top ideas for a painless and muddle-free run up to V day:

  1. Let’s start with the fact that anything that has been specially commissioned makes one feel unique and loved by default. So lets start with the breathtaking painted silk scarves by Leanne Claxton, she will personally ensure that your particular story will be conveyed through her stunning art , “For us happiness is all about highlighting nature’s little details. Pretty flowers, bright colours and luxury fabric make us smile. We hope in commissioning our designs – be it for a bespoke event, memoir of your special day or as a gift for a loved one – you can share in our smile too”. If that doesn’t have lurrrve written all over it then we don’t know if roses are red or violets are blue!
  2. Flowers on Valentine’s are often met with an eye-roll of disappointment but trust us when we say that the perfect bouquet should be charming, yet fashionable, innovative yet simply beautiful. And the hippest way to achieve this, is to call for the help of Wild Wood London Flowers , who believe that “for Valentines, roses are always a classic choice but the trend recently has been to move away from the typical red rose in favour of garden roses in muted tones and seasonal flowers such as ranunculus, anenomes and tulips.” Striking  and more importantly completely memorable for the recipient…. and that is the effect you want to have on your Valentine.
  3. How about offering your paramour (or entire family) a photographic portrait session? Nothing says I love you like capturing this time in your life for all eternity! PTP is offering a family special for a mere  £200, lasting JUST until the end of February – get in touch now for this brilliant opportunity to be a Valentine’s Hero at home!
  4. And home is THE place to be this Feb.14th, yes truly! Who wants to be at a restaurant, squished into a tiny space for two, avoiding eye-contact with your fellow diners as everyone collectively wishes the clock would move faster so that the cringe-factor can dissipate! Answer to this conundrum? Bring the chefs home to you. Blue Goose Catering specialise in making any event a gastronomic delight, including an intimate dinner for two at one your home while using only the freshest ingredients and cutting-edge ideas and techniques. Now THAT is what we call the “food of love”!
  5. And of course, no matter how forward-thinking you are, when it comes to romance with a capital R, the classics will never let you down… like a diamond! But then again why not be innovative with the shape and style? The ever-popular jeweler, Lewis Malka, predicts that “this season the trend seems to have moved towards the oval diamond as the focal point for an engagement ring. Typically fancy shape diamonds (any shape other than round) are better value for money and not as expensive as rounds. However at the moment oval diamonds are almost on par with rounds indicating that ovals have picked up the pace and just as popular as round diamonds.”  Make your traditional diamond gift an oval one and you’ll be loved forever!

So this Valentine’s Day, keep love in the air and the Camembert factor at bay and Cupid will be shooting from your shoulder for sure!

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