Creating a table plan can be a painful job for the hosts of a sit down function but it helps avoid so many problems like a rush for the best seats, couples being split up or, the worst one of all, when those last few guests walk around looking like they’re playing a bad game of musical chairs! 

But how do you tell everyone where they need to sit?  Forget the escort cards of old, as they’ve come a long way and now people are challenging themselves to come up with the most creative ways to instruct their guests which table they’re on.  We’ve seen calligraphy on shabby chic window frames, named straws in welcome cocktails, a ceiling full of helium balloons with cards attached to the strings and even hook-a-duck! 

But The Source has spotted the best all-rounder – it combines your escort card with your table plan with a lasting memory of your special day.  And it is…drumroll please…the Polaroid picture.  Simply string up cards with each guests name and table number and ask everyone to take a Polaroid picture of themselves (or each other) and clip it onto the card.  Before the end of the reception you ensure that the Polaroid’s are put in place on the tables so there’s no need for written name places.  Then, during the party, you send a guest book round all the tables with a pen and glue stick and everyone can stick in their Polaroid and write you a special message.  Pretty as a picture!

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