Sleepwear as Daywear!

Sleepwear is the cat’s pyjamas

Once again sleepwear is rearing its fashion-forward head and shimmying its way down the runway this season. We’ve been here before, wide culottes were a post-war must-have and the unforgettable Kim Novak and Eunice Grayson, in the films Vertigo and Dr.No respectively, led the movement in the 1960’s, all the way to Marc Jacob’s stunning silk collection. And still, incredibly, here we go ago again in 2016! 

It’s a totally understandable obsession but aim more for a feminine, enticing, mysterious look rather than fluffy and pink and accompanied by a pint of Ben and Jerry’s slash a binge-watch of Seinfeld! Although either way, there are multiple positive connotations associated with pyjamas and how good they make us feel, whether it’s innocent pillow fights with girlfriends when we were younger, romantic nights by the fire or getting it on in a silk and lace slip! These are all must-have emotions for a successful fashion trend like this one.

There are classically two key items that take nightwear to daywear, the man-style pyjamas and the slip-dress but today the jumpsuit has been introduced to bridge the gap (and no, the onesie does not even come close to the image we’re discussing!). Follow a few simple rules to make the effective shift from night to day:

When wearing men’s pyjamas do not wear both the top and the bottoms. Tuck in the top into a pencil skirt, jeans or leather trousers and roll up your sleeves. Trousers should be worn with a fitted sweater.

Silk, rather than cotton, always conveys a luxurious feel.

Do NOT wear slippers. Not even Marabou kitten heels in jest! Platforms are a good way to balance out wide trousers and punctuate the fact you haven’t ACTUALLY just fallen out of bed. Skyscrapers for slips and jumpsuits.

For coats over sleepwear: a tailored, unfussy look is essential. Think pea-coateque rather than the dressing-gown-emulating trench coat.

Italian designer Francesca Ruffini’s For Restless Sleepers (also known as F.R.S) label is my favourite. On a mission to eradicate humorous undertones to the idea of sleepwear as daywear, she designs beautiful clothes fueled by her motto “pyjamas to party in”! And really, imagine looking totally fabulous and feeling utterly comfortable simultaneously. SIMULTANEOUSLY! What a foreign, long-forgotten concept! It’s been a while since we women allowed ourselves to fell both, on a night out. Call me crazy but isn’t it too delicious?

My only piece of advice? Leave the teddy bear and sleep-mask at home.

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