The Rural Wedding – Real Event Inspiration -.

What else says “rural wedding”  more than tents in green fields, whiskey stations and kilted groomsmen!? This stylish wedding, catered by Ben Tenenblat does exactly that – his ideas completely encompassed what this Scottish couple were hoping to create for their guests – a rustic, simple but elegant atmosphere, not to be forgotten in a hurry!

Ceiling decor is the very latest look at he moment. Suspend bouquets of flowers or (a mass of single ones) from the ceiling, not only does this add another dimension to the room (or teepee!) but if the creations are low-hanging enough, they can stand in for standard table centrepieces, hence saving table space. Make sure that your designs blend with the other floral features.

rural wedding

Every wedding must have a show-stopper! Here, the couple were adamant that nothing else would do and sure enough, a merry go round in a Scottish field is a SHOW-STOPPER! Try and think out of the box and always try and source original ideas and companies.

rural wedding

For a simple and rustic look, go for a collection of mismatched, small vases (look for vintage, if you can) and fill with unpretentious country flowers. Leave out the bows and bits, let the flowers shine on their own.

Rural wedding

Perfect for summer or autumn weddings, a s’mores station! Very big in the US, small fire pits can be arranged and guests get to build their own s’mores sticks and toast the marshmallow creations themselves! Not only delicious, but interactive too! Perfect combo!

Rural wedding

Air streams and food trucks are having their moment in the limelight! Simply park one and fill it with goodies, sweet nibbles in the case of this weddings, or get a manned truck – desserts, ice cream , in fact ANYTHING can be served from the actual truck, lending the event that that country-side fete feel.


A dedicated Whiskey station is de rigeur at a celebration nowadays! Whether its a Pimms or Bloody Mary station, where guests can add their own accouterments – all the way to a hot chocolate station at the end of the evening, with all the trimmings. It’s a subtle way of infusing your own tastes into the function, so make it aesthetically cool, unusual – a head-turner!


For a festival/carnival theme, tepees are a winner. You achieve the “outdoorsy” atmosphere without being susceptible to the elements! All you need to begin is a beautiful park or field (could be Scottish!) and build the event around it. The decor possibilities are endless in terms of flooring, seating and floral arrangements – and the party atmosphere is in the air as soon as one sees the teepee- its human nature!


What an elegant and rustic way to remember and honour the family who are no longer with us. Maybe, go old school and make the photos monochrome for some authenticity. Use mismatching frames to add to the eclectic look.

Rural wedding

So whether its an amazing showstopper that will have your guests twittering for ages like a teepee or a merry go round, or the attention to detail like a bespoke whisky station, your choice of suppliers is very important. They are the people who will bring your dream party to life, so bring on the floral ceilings and the food trucks and let your imagination run wild! The event of the year is just around the corner!

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