Perfume bars -the scent of a party!

Girlie parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Bridal showers and hen-weekends are wrung out with making your own cupcakes, learning how to cook for a day or mixing cocktails – even if the bartenders are in the buff! So old-school. The new chic are parties with perfume bars and nail stations available for guests to potter with. In both cases you get to make your own product and name it – with perfumes you get to mix different scents and with the polish you mix your own shade!

DIY kits can be bought and include scent strips, labels, funnels, recipe cards, colour pigment.  Guests are encouraged to get involved, have fun and it’s the perfect party favour too – no brainer! Best of all -every time your guest uses the bespoke perfume or nail polish they’ll think of you. Priceless.

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