Look Up – Ceiling Decor Ideas

look yp - ceiling decor ideas

Ceiling décor is an important aspect of all events as it is one of the first elements noticed and appears in photographs. Here are some examples of a few imaginative, creative and rather interesting ceiling decors:

Morphing Balloons:

Hundreds of hanging balloons is an original form of ceiling décor. White balloons are a good way of presenting a space change colour illusion, as the lighting of the room changes colour, the balloons appear to change with it. Charles Petillons 100,000 balloon installation in Covent Garden, London in 2015, paved the way for the most incredible ceiling balloon installations and we cant wait for what will be created this year. Our personal love of colour always makes for a sensational wow.

Charles Petillon balloon ceiling, Covent Garden 2015

Ceiling Decor - transform your venue

Bat Mitzvah  – WHiTEPAPER Event

Whitepaper Event

T-shirt Tease

Hanging clothes are not just for the wardrobe! More than 5,000 t-shirts were used as a colourful overhead canopy at the 2014 Jewish Museum’s Purim Ball. The custom t-shirts were engraved with Purim related puns and slang. Brand names and logos would also work so well

Look up - Inspiring ceiling decor

Cloudy Classic

Bringing the outside in is a thoughtful form of interior design and this was showcased by Smartwater who aimed, through ceiling décor to reflect their natural process of water purification. Fluffy rain clouds were used as canopies to portray this vision.

Look up - Inspiring ceiling decor


Food Frenzy

Real hanging food would not quite work so the next best thing was achieved at the Food Network’s 20th anniversary party. Styrofoam prop macarons were rigged from the ceiling to create a macaron chandelier that was placed over a dessert station during the event. 

Look up - Inspiring ceiling decor

Writings on the Ceilings:

Rather than Sam Smith’s Writings on the Wall, the Steppenwolf Gala in Chicago proved writings on the ceiling to be just as effective. Script pages from recent productions were hung from round chandeliers in an authentic and personal decoration.

Look up - Inspiring ceiling decor

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