Iced Summer Cocktail Hacks – 3 Ways

summer cocktail hacks

Now that summer is in its stride and we’ve done The Punch, The Pimm’s and The Sangria (groan! So last year…), the need for unusual summer drinks is real! And no, we don’t mean the passé neon alco-pops! Here are 3 iced Summer cocktail hacks, that will not only score 10 in looks, taste but also originality, always a must at a party! So for your next event, whether a casual barbecue with friends or your annual summer garden party, bring out the ice… will make your drinks super cool! Wink, wink!

1. Wine Ice Cubes – Ensure your guests drinks don’t get watered down with plain ice cubes. Freeze cubes of the wine you’ll be serving, maybe add edible sprinkles or glitter or edible flowers in the cube tray. That way your rosé will stay undiluted (and chilled) until you’ve finished it. And who doesn’t love a little sprinkle of colour? You could take it one step further and buy personalized ice tray with initials, numbers or anything that suits the theme of your event. 



2. Spritzer Popsicles in Wine – Of course we can all make our watermelon mint tequila popsicles, sure. But this August, the more elegant version of this is the popsicle wine spritzer. So your wine glass is filled its wine and an upside down soda lolly is melting into the wine. Make it plain soda water or lemon-lime, actually any flavour that takes your fancy would work. For a slower burn through the party, flip the ingredients. Make it a wine lolly in a glass of any spritzer. And how pretty??! Just make sure you don’t use those bright yellow plastic popsicle molds, just a classic wooden stick will do!


3. Ice Wine Coolers – Make your own wine bottle cooler made of ice and fill the ice with anything from fruit to flowers. All you’ll need is a 3-liter coke bottle as a mold. It’s child’s play but oh-so-effective, no-one would ever dream it’s your latest DIY craze!


Let your imagination stretch out when it comes to summer cocktails, there’s no right way or wrong way. Just the pretty way! And remember, why limit happy to just one hour!


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