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Anick Sinclair, foodie, writer and mother of 3, keeps us updated on new season food trends direct from her hometown NYC, soon to arrive on our shores too!

NYC food trends are a dime a dozen but what distinguishes one from the other is the potential longevity of both the concept and the offering. And once again The Big Apple does not disappoint, whether it be a brand new idea or a modern twist on a classic notion.

Let’s begin with David Chang’s latest addition to his Momofuku empire, FUKU is a spin on a traditional fried chicken sandwich shop, with literally less than 10 items on the menu. That’s all one needs from a brand that is as recognized in NY as the Empire State Building. The chicken sandwich (so simply named) has a high ratio of crust to meat, meaning you get more crunch and crackle with a slight heat from the habanero buttermilk brine. Add their famous (asian-inspired) coleslaw to up the tang component and you’ve got a delicious, hearty lunch in a New York minute! To finish with a sweet, have a highly-acclaimed cookie from sister-shop Milk Bar.

With Japanese food at an all-time global high, Wagamama, the award-winning noodle bar based in the UK, makes its first foray in NYC this year. Also high on the list, hot on the heels of both the Korean and Mexican food craze, is Fillipino fare. The sweet/salty/tart taste combinations    are sparking major interest. Filipino food fuses elements from Spanish, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines into an entirely unique dining experience. Pork, garlic and vinegar all factor heavily in Filipino cuisine. In fact, Jollibee is an American-style fast food restaurant with Filipino-influenced dishes specializing in burgers, spaghetti, chicken as well as local Filipino dishes. It is more popular in the Philippines than McDonalds – Shocker! Its flagship product is actually a chicken sandwich reminiscent of Fuku’s. And it’s coming to NYC!

Next, Poke (said “pokay”). This Hawaiian dish of marinated (usually raw) seafood with seasonings like soy, salt and green onions was huge in Los Angeles this year, and with its debut into the NYC market, is set to skyrocket worldwide. Poke can be served in a variety of ways and is just unusual enough to be thrilling. Though it can be eaten just as it is and can also be served with rice. Riding the sushi and health-savvy wave, this is delicious cuisine that I predict is here to stay.

Craziest til last, how do you fancy pastrami-sandwich ice-cream? FOR REAL. Coolhaus is a brand specializing in ice-cream and cookies, or ice-cream sandwiches as they are fondly called over here, in unusual flavour profiles that push the limits of your foodie imagination. Coolhaus began with two girls in a truck, today they have dozens of food trucks and have a “pre-packaged” presence in all 50 states. Not a tiny feat, here in the mammoth food-machine that is the USA! The Reuben is a nod to the famous NYC pastrami sandwich, a caraway infused cookie filled with pastrami flavored ice-cream! They love the sweet/savoury palate-mix and are inspired by everyday food everywhere; in fact a pickled ginger radish and wasabi at a sushi dinner became an ice cream sandwich with ginger cookies and chocolate wasabi ice cream. And the cherry on top is that these delicious treats are all-natural, handmade with local ingredients.

The beauty of all of these trends is that they do not have to be designated to ONLY New York. All these concepts could essentially be brought to any event, especially food trucks,  which are having a super-popular moment at parties this year! So when you next organize a celebration, think NYC and you’ll be on the culinary cutting-edge. Promise.

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