Flowers – The Hanging Centrepiece

When one begins to plan an event, immediately one thinks of food, music and decor. By decor we mean, the flowers, the candles, the china, the table-centerpiece. But what about the ceiling? We don’t often take care or sensibility over adorning the above, further than practical lighting. Often forgotten, it is the outcast of the decor clique; but no longer! The shy and retiring, sometimes very naked, ceiling is having its moment in the limelight! Hanging ornamentation is the new frontier in event design and the options are limitless. It’s another blank canvas! What’s not to like? The undeniable added advantage is that there are no distractions at face-height. Perfect! One gets to flirt with that “he WILL be my future husband” chap across the table; one gets to catch the eye of current husband, to silently plead  “I’m done here, let’s start our goodbyes”. And all without sacrificing one’s panache!

Table centerpieces have come a long way from the frothy floral creations and balloons of yesteryear, today it’s piles of favourite books, stands of corporate-logo cupcakes, vintage photo frames, just about anything that takes your fancy. From minimalist to opulent, the centerpiece has always been indicative of ones style and humour. Now extend the concept to suspending your preferred attraction from the top of the room, or the marquee, or the over-hanging tree branches! And I mean ANYTHING! I’ve seen candles, lanterns, photos, mason jars with baby’s breath, and cups and saucers floating mid-air, as if by magic!

But by far the most arresting and ingenious ceiling designs at the moment are of the botanical variety. From adorning chandeliers with flowers, to floral chandeliers, “hanging gardens” have never been so popular! In fact last weeks Chelsea Flower Show has proved this by featuring suspended horticulture in more than one exhibit, so why not transport the notion to your function?  There are thousands of options to fit budget and theme – original designs will always be major talking point. For a more minimalist look there’s the upside-down bouquet (literally a copy of the brides bouquet) hanging over tables, this is stunning with rigid-stemmed flowers such as lilies. Or even a cluster of single flowers. For a more grandiose, lavish feel, try an entire hanging canopy of flowers over each table,  a vision fit for kings – a la Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

To execute a creative overhanging look the key is the expert florist. Paula Rooney is a wedding florist with years of experience in floral design for events; she believes that every bride and groom (or host) has a vision and it’s her job to tailor-make distinctive designs that suit both those individuals and the party. “The ceiling flower trend stems from the amazing artist Rebeca Louise Law who created meadows in the sky. A hanging centrepiece is a great way to create impact in a large space and to save space on your guest tables, also making it easier for guests to chat with each other”. If you are thinking of some blossoming ceiling magic, convey your thoughts to the specialists and they’ll make it happen. Their expert knowledge is essential, from which flowers would survive hanging upside down by hot lights, to simple safety measures.

So when you’re planning your next function, give that ceiling a little lovin‘, it will pay you back ten-fold. If Emerson was right and The earth laughs in flowers then imagine the chuckling at an event with hanging floral arrangements spilling down. Imagine the awe when guests see the spectacle and the innovation. Imagine the smiles, the laughter. The Happiness. What else is life about?

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