Festival In A Box – an entire immersive experience!

Festival in a box

We, at Festival in a Box, are great fans of the theatre. We love the entire experience…from the beautiful hush that sweeps the audience as the lights come down, to the first tense moments as the actor steps onto stage. The interval ice cream and applauding those that have captured your imaginations. We love to be invited into a new world, told the story of it’s people and leave enriched with a new perspective. The spectacle of the theatre lends itself perfectly to the events industry. Increasingly over the last few years companies like Gingerline, Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema have been inviting their patrons into daring immersive events, launching them on a sensory journey of food, dance or film. It’s a pretty strong concoction – and one that we fully embrace. In our eyes, this trend for theatrics works at it’s very best when outdoor, at the beating heart of a festival style event. Festivals are the perfect canvas, providing a compact village for thrill seekers and experience hunters to happen upon the weird and the wonderful. Just like the theatre, when you go to a festival you always end up leaving with more than you came with – and we’re not just talking about a stinking hangover and someone else’s Indian headdress; feast on a banquet of culinary delights, get up close and personal with your favourite bands and spend the night dancing under the stars. Combine this with a night at the theatre and you’ve got the perfect cultural experience.

At Festival in a Box we embrace this whole heartedly. It really gets our juices going…and with our strong connections to the theatrical world we love to create secret spaces for intimate gigs and pockets of magic in our festival style events. We provide an experience that consumes and intoxicates. Step through a wardrobe and push past coats to happen upon your musician performing an intimate gig. Follow a mysterious character to a clearing in the woods where fire performer enthral. Stumble upon beach hut with it’s alcoholic treats. At Festival in a Box your pleasure is our delight.

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