‘An Evening In With Friends’ February 2019

an evening in with friends - February 2019

A massive thank you to everyone that tuned in and joined us LIVE on Facebook as we spent an ‘Evening In With Friends – February 2019 edition’ from The Source.We were so excited to be LIVE with some very special guests.

It is of course never too late to watch the whole show, but here we present The video highlights… captured by Moviebytes

Click on the image below to watch the 60 sec highlights!

an evening in with friends - February 2019

Last week we were joined  by Tope from Balloon Inspirations, our rolled ice cream wizard Andrew from Frew & Co, the talented team from Beyond Repair Dance, Mako from Berry & Brie, Denis & Max from Denee Motion Boutique Wedding Films and the super entertaining and engaging Mirror Booth from Mirror Image Events talking all things ‘events’ and trends we might see appearing this year.

We transformed our own kitchen space at home with an incredible organic balloon installation and a totally LUXE and lavish grazing table with an abundance of artisan produce. We enjoyed watching a rolled ice-cream demo – yes, totally yummy, especially Bakewell tart with Disaronno! Show-stopping, jaw dropping, WOW entertainment from Beyond Repair Dance including UV hand painted “pop-art” inspired body art (4 hours of prep in the lounge), glitter usherettes that are oh so popular at every event and a finale solo from The Greatest Showman – an absolute treat and enjoyed immensely by all.

A huge thanks to all the brands mentioned, without whom, the evening simply wouldn’t have been the success that it was.

Take a look at our image gallery below and enjoy watching our highlight video, created by Moviebytes and which captures our collaboration.  The kitchen became a truly WOW event space and shows how it is ALWAYS possible to create a transformation.

A great evening was had by all and of course, don’t forget all of these brands and lots more are awaiting your perusal on our website. The Source is a platform of creative brands that can help YOU provide every element of your event. If you would like to take advantage of our complimentary service The Source PLUS, click HERE!

Keep your eyes peeled for news of when our ‘Summer Edition 2019’ will take place.

For now, feel free to contact us, we love feedback and are always here to answer your questions.

See you soon,

Aron & Talya


The Prep in images – From this to that…. and the stars of the show!

Images thanks to MovieBytes and Colicia Photography

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