Event Entertainment

Event entertainment is one of the three key aspects of an event that most people mention when asked to list those elements that they feel will be best remembered at their occasion. The other two are food, and of course, the guests themselves.

Event entertainment can cover many areas, and we are delighted to be partnered with some wonderful brands, all of who fall into the category of event entertainment – showstoppers.

Our source of inspiration for how we approach this category on The Source, is to work with brands whose service and presence at an event creates that moment of WOW – the chance for guests to experience something a little different to the norm, and in doing so, transporting them to a world where they feel almost part of the theatrics a really great piece of event entertainment creates.

In some cases for example, it might be the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a performance from an expert troupe of dancers – or see a spectacular series of death-defying stunts….whilst on the other side of the coin, you might be in the thick of the WOW as you inhale the latest in vaporized cocktails. In any instance, enjoying or partaking, the event entertainment ingredient in an event is usually something to remain open-mouthed at for a long time post.

Our tip? Type of event, space and desire to have your guests watch or be a part of – are all important considerations when looking at event entertainment. Performances that go on too long have guests getting agitated in their seats and something that is placed in a corner that guests don’t see, loses the purpose of having it there in the first place. Like most things for events – be clear what you want to achieve before booking anything.