Rising stars

With a portfolio full of amazingly talented  people at the top of their own industry, we recognize our newest members as “Rising Stars”. These are people and/or companies who are usually trend-setters within the events arena. Our Rising Stars can range from different accomplished  musicians and bands trying to break-through all the way to masterly wedding-invitation designers. One of our favourites and most popular are the bespoke giant wooden letters with LED lights in them. Order them in the shape of your initials or a number or any word (eg: love)  as they NEVER fail to produce the “oohs and aahs” of pure amazement from guests. Nothing beats these decor-wise!

Another sought-after Rising Star invented the idea of cocktails on tap. Literally. The cocktail of your pre-arranged choice, poured from a draft. It brings a unique twist to a cocktail party when your bespoke cocktail eg: espresso cocktail, is pulled with a lever rather than shaken and stirred! Also any cocktail can be customised- what’s not to like!

Our Rising Stars are avant-garde with an edge that the events scene hasn’t seen often before and this is exactly what turns a party from ” Yeah, it was lovely” to ” OMG, I wish I’d thought of that myself”. Bring your party to the next level with our newest recruits!

If you believe that you are cutting-edge and innovative enough to be one of our future Rising Stars, please contact us on: