Event Prop Hire

There are many ways to dress an event, but what if you are looking for more than lighting, something different to flowers – you chosen event space either something that needs those “finishing touches” or dressing in it’s entirety as it exists for the most part as a totally blank canvas space?

This is where the world of event prop hire comes in to play. The source of inspiration that every shop window and image on TV provides when thinking about just how to dress a space, is available to everyone when working with our event prop hire partners – whose expertise and of course, brilliant products – can not only be seen on the very TV shows and movies you love, but can be transported in to your event space and in doing so, bring it to life as you aim to create a world to which your guests are transported as they enter the room.

Event prop hire can be anything from the chairs that surround the tables to the marble copy of Michelangelo’s David, which adorns the entrance to your venue – blending in as if it had a place there every day of the week. Our tip? Strike a balance. Hiring of items can be a WOW – but it can also be expensive. Have a look at where you are planning to hold your event and assess the key statement pieces and taking on a look in it’s entirety. Think too about usage – antique pieces look great but are a touch more, fragile – and although you will always have to consider possible damage, Kids birthday parties are probably better suited to giant A B C letters than they are vintage train sets