Event Photography

All too often, any event created over a number of months quickly disappears in a matter of hours, and it’s usually the case that some of the most memorable moments are only realized when looking back through the event photography and event cinematography.

With the rise of so many different social media platforms, online magazines and glossy fashion pages, a ready-made source of inspiration for how we want our event to look and feel is there before us.

Event photography is a category for which there are many great brands, all of whom offer a contemporary and yet classic approach to their work, and the brands we partner with on The Source are a group of experts – blending in with the event venue surroundings – an unassuming set of people who simply do their jobs, exquisitely.

There is no doubt a little of the event photographer in us all – as with filters galore available, it’s harder in some cases to take a bad photo than it is one that gains a few likes here and there – after all, who doesn’t like a bit of Sepia or black and white moodiness?

Here though, is the difference – just how the professionals differ from the amateurs, the work that goes into ensuring that these most precious of memories are laid out before the client in a manner that has their own memories come flooding back.

Our tip for great event photography? Ensure that you read the photographers terms and conditions carefully. Just who owns the rights to the shots, your own ability to use these on social media or a website – and don’t forget that photographers, like all other support staff, need to be fed on the night – and ensure here too, that this isn’t scheduled for the exact moment the CEO is due to stand up and speak!