Photo Booth Rental

Whether you engage a formal photographer at your event or not, a photo booth rental is absolutely essential – it raises the fun-factor immediately and consistently throughout the party. There is a huge variety of rental photo booths out there today. Long gone are the smelly, claustrophobic stall with a scratchy orange curtain.

Today not only does your picture get taken with your choice of offered props but the experience itself becomes part of the entertainment. Actual sets and stages can be set up and old-fashioned camera’s can merge into your theme, and the visual comes out more efficiently and far more polished than your average  photo booth strip.

Then there’s the technology madness that is attached to the photo booth rental experience, from doctoring your background before you take the shot, all the way to the editing after the photo has been taken. The addition of emojies and words are standard but the hashtag revolution had taken a grip here too. You can arrange it so your wedding hashtag (usually given in the invitation) is attached to all shots that you’re guests will upload to different apps and engines online – directly on sight. AT the photo booth! This way the host gets to see every photo that is posted by his guests. Genius way of seeing the festivities through different eyes.

Our tip? A photo-booth does not replace a traditional photographer, rather a photo booth enhances the photographic experience on the day and long after your party is over!