Mobile Bar

Mobile bars herald the coming of Good Times with a capital “G & T”!

No special event feels like it’s really kicked off unless one is holding a delicate-stemmed glass filled with a delicious liquid concoction. Long gone is the worry of choosing a venue depending on how trendy the bar, the bartenders and the choice of drinks are. Choose whichever venue takes your fancy and transport the drink element to your party with a mobile bar. This way you get to set up the bar wherever you want in the space, large or small, in whatever shape you like, and all your cocktail choices are chosen in advance. It really doesn’t get easier!

Within your grasp, we have international designer bar and drinks experts who can turn any party into a cocktail extravaganza or simply blend in and mix your drinks. They will transport a bar scene environment to your venue – you choose the theme and let them do the rest! “Mixology” as bar tending is called today, brings with it a feeling of beauty and excitement for what the evening may hold. Mocktails are increasingly popular too, here an experienced mixologist will be in control of what will be both popular and fit in to the theme of your celebration. Everything taken care of. Perfect!

Our tip for a totally different experience? Have mobile bar experts provide masterclasses, for you and an intimate group, in how to construct your favorite tipple!

Fancy a drink? Surely it’s five o’clocksomewhere!