Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons are the newest BIG thing as a result of the multitude of cooking programmes on TV and the culinary revolution hitting an all time high in London at the moment. This is the latest way to unwind, learn new skills and even have a cooking party! Yes really! Hosting events at a teaching kitchen is the modern version of sitting at your kitchen table sipping Tetleys. Get out of the house and learn how to make sushi, or macaroons, or gnocchi!

The idea of meeting friends, having drinks while cooking a pre-organized meal and then sitting down to dinner together is extremely appealing as an alternative celebration and is gaining huge traction across the entertainment and catering industries. Does it get more civilized? The variety of cuisine is endless, decorating cupcakes are very popular with the hen-party crowd as well as (not surprisingly) younger kids. Themed cooking lessons, for example a Thai meal, is very productive for small corporate groups, great for team building and bonding. It could just be you and your partner wanting a night out and why not? Treat yourselves!

Our award-winning teacher-chefs are on hand to take the stress out of your event. And not only have you been well fed and had a fabulous experience with friends or colleagues, you’ve also learned to cook something new to impress guests at your next dinner party! It’s win-win! Cooking lessons are the new avant-garde way to have fun. Simples.