Luxury Accessories

Luxury accessories are a girls best distraction and can be the most entertaining and indulged past-time ever, especially during the stressful period before a wedding or any much-planned celebration. Once your outfit is chosen and your party is planned, it’s time to turn your attention to the little details that not only bring happiness and whimsy but will honour certain cast members starring in your special day. Luxury accessories can range from jewellery for bridesmaids, cuff links for grooms, bespoke scarves for special family members. All of these can be personalised individually to you or a unique recipient so that the date and occasion of your event is marked forever.

We believe that the success of a function lies in the detail. Therefore, we go to great lengths to make our clients wishes come true and we will source any item for it is in the luxury accessories that the time and effort is taken to recognize how important a certain person truly is in your life. These accessories include but are not exclusive to exquisite gifts. In fact when we talk luxury accessories, we mean for the duration of the event itself. Candles and flip-flops with customised initials, pillows and throws with personalised dates, t-shirts with printed messages, tumblers or gavels with etched company logos, objects that are not only special but will last long after the clock strikes midnight.

Our Tip: These are the some of the things that make absolutely fabulous parties into phenomenal, luxe, trendy, unforgettable ones.