Party Food Bars

Food is an absolute must at every event. EVERY event, no exception. People leave far quicker if there’s nothing for them to munch on, but that doesn’t always have to mean a formal sit-down affair with seating charts. It’s been a while since we’ve called non-plated dinners “buffets”, a word that conjures up images of the Seventies and not in a good way! But Party Food Bars are the newer, slicker version of just that, the way forward in catering.

Your guests will love to meander around the function room, marvel at the decor of beautifully laid out party food bars offering innovate and delectable delights, before actually choosing what they fancy eating that day. It’s a fabulous way to attend  to all your guests individual dietary needs while offering a wide range of different delicacies to eat. All, of course, within your theme and budget.

One of the more original ways to introduce party food bars into an event is to bring in bona-fide food-trucks whose owner/chefs cook on sight. We have a multitude of these on our books and we are here to help navigate you towards the right kind of fare for your particular event. This has become hugely popular in the States and almost doubles up as entertainment at your party, as it lends a sense of casual and playfulness to the atmosphere.

Always go for the best when it comes to food as it is what people remember the most after the event!