Event Flowers

There are many different options available for “how” to decorate a table at an event – be that main dinner table, reception table, buffet or other. Bespoke centrepieces come in all different guises, the most traditional of which still remains flowers.

Event flowers are, in a way similar to cakes, a visual masterpiece, a feast for the eyes that can leave mouths wide open and eyes transfixed – the smell, the colour, the sheer magnitude – all brought together in perfect harmony, a chorus of blooms whose part in an event sees them stand tall and to attention as if on parade for the attending guests to inspect.

With the rise of social media, a source of inspiration for any bride or planner, the floral world has become ever more challenged, to create and reinvent not only their own ideas but the ideas of others – no easy task and to be fair, one that needs to be handled with care.

There are of course many wonderful brands creating wonderful event flowers and on The Source we are delighted to be working with brands who see themselves as collaborators – working with you in order to create the look and feel for your event – versatile and reliable teams who go that extra mile.

Our tip for wonderful event flowers? Be it flown in from Holland or grown in the back garden, flowers can be one of the most effective, and possibly, expensive, elements for an event – but pepper with candles, fruit (yes!) and cleverly positioned foliage – to have even the most simple of decorations raised to the next level.