Event Planning

More and more, event planning is becoming an integral part to the success of any event – stepping further from the misconception that it lives in the “lux” category that only some can afford.

But what actually is event planning and just what difference does it make to how any event is put together? No matter the occasion, be it wedding, private party, conference or away day (and of course everything in between) – there are many, many hours that go in to the planning of any event, usually done so by people who “have a day job” and are, in essence, tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the success of whatever the occasion is.

Planners, those people who live and breathe events, are there for the relieving of the stress involved in the planning process – their source of inspiration for how any event will look and feel coming from their day to day contact with all things creative.

Taking this expertise and translating it in to the perfect event planning journey for their clients, and allowing for them to not only enjoy a process which can quickly become a stressful one, but in doing so, allowing them to get back to their own day jobs.

As for the actual “what” planners can work together with you on managing? Simply, everything. This can begin with the finding of a venue, the logistics and management of guests – creative look and feel of space and the event as a whole, timelines, budget….the list goes on and on.

Our advice when considering the event planning for your event? Given the time you will be working with a planner – as important as their ability, is the relationship you can create together and the feeling that you and they are on a collaborative journey, with the success of the event the key focus – always seek to exceed expectation!