Edible Wow

As we, at The Source, say often, no event can possibly be successful without the elements of food and drink…and most often music. And although feeding and quenching the crowds is imperative, the form in which these are served and imbibed has been totally revolutionised. The innovation in engaging the different senses when eating and drinking is almost perfunctory nowadays at the best events with an edible wow.

One of our most popular and avant-garde brands provides experimental food installations from liquid nitrogen ice cream to edible mist, instant logopops or candy floss whirlwinds. Magical, fresh and unheard of, these orbs house an edible mist the flavour of which can be chosen by the client from a wide and eclectic range. Or why just drink a cocktail, if it can be served in a radically different format – such as an alcoholic edible pastilles one can suck on or chew with 5% alcohol each! 

These twists on traditional fare are what we call the “Edible WOW” factor and no triumphant  party should be without one of those! So go on, make a statement and inhale a toffee or eat your cocktail, either way you’ll be at the bleeding edge of event novelty!