Custom Cake

They come all shapes and sizes but the popularity of the custom cake, served as part of either a wedding or special occasion, has risen over the past few years, as both brides and party hosts alike use this focal point of the evening as a launch pad in to the evenings entertainment.

As a source of inspiration, the custom cake has no boundaries – one giant tier or seven – the image of your favourite film star cast in sugar and greeting guests as part of a taste feast which is almost to good to eat – guests staring in wonder as the hundreds of hours of work glisten in the evenings pin spot lighting.

Whether you plan on cutting and serving or taking home for your own enjoyment, there is little doubt that a custom cake provides an unrivalled event WOW – and of course, that wonderful photo opportunity.

Our custom cake tip? Not everyone needs a slice, nor will they want one. Our designers will talk you through just how to decide on the size of your chosen masterpiece and then how best to manage the many flavour options that exist; peanut butter and jelly anyone?

The custom cake phenomenon has been helped in recent years by the TV shows that highlight just what goes in to their creation and from it’s humble beginnings as a supposed source of good luck to those that ate it – the most famous custom cake of all, the wedding cake, remains a status symbol in it’s own right.