This coffee is so me! The ultimate Selfieccino.

the selfieccino

Remember how delighted we all were when Starbucks started asking for our names when we ordered our coffee? The thrill of hearing “Latte for Zoe” or “Extra shot double Macchiato for Sam” had us queuing for longer than we otherwise would have. Well there is a new coffee narcissism in town and its name is Selfieccino.   The brainchild of  The Tea Terrace is the perfect beverage for the Instagram and Snapchat set and lets you literally see yourself in your coffee.  Customers at any of the three London locations can send their selfie to a Tea Terrace barista via their app, place their coffee order (or hot chocolate for the caffeine-averse) and within minutes have a piping hot coffee with clouds of frothy milk depicting their exact likeness.

In an age where a food and drink unique experience is as important as (if not more important than) the flavour itself, The Tea Terrace provides everything today’s consumer is looking for:  top quality, flavourful coffee with a twist that is a social media addict’s dream. In fact, The Tea Terrace plans to create a website where customers can post photos of their cappuccino selfies for the whole coffee loving world to see. What’s next, a boomerang selfie floating atop a ceramic mug?

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