Thinking outside of the jewellery box!


Thinking outside of the jewellery box – How to be inventive when choosing key pieces of jewellery for your loved ones

Isn’t designing and choosing that special piece of jewellery always  one of the hardest things in life, that leaves you feeling unsure if you’ve picked the right piece for that special person. Jewellery artist Ellie Stickland of Eladore describes how to be inventive when choosing key pieces of jewellery!

I work closely with many of my clients and often help men (and women) choose jewellery for the loves in their lives; more often than not it’s an engagement ring and sometimes eternity rings, anniversary or birthday jewellery but choosing something for a special person no matter how well you know them is never easy.

Sometimes you have a vague idea as to what they might want but when it boils down to the nitty gritty how do you know?! Diamonds? Classic? Unique? Colour? Simple or perhaps outrageously big? I specialize in creating designs that are unique to each client I work with and they aren’t necessarily about big grand statement diamonds or doing something outrageously different but about putting some thought in to it and making it unique to the person it is for.

My advice is to do a bit of research. Look at the things that interest them – what do they wear? Do they wear jewellery, patterns, where do they shop? What does their current jewellery box have in it? Are they interested in design, art, sports or any particular brands? Even social media now can play a big part – what are they looking at on Instagram or Pinterest? All of the information you need is right in front of you – you just need to look and remember to trust your instincts. From experience, all of the pieces we have worked on have been loved not only because we created a beautiful piece but because of the thought and effort that went in to designing and choosing it, it was guaranteed to be loved.

If this has got you interested but still need a little helping hand then send me some photos of the person you are buying for, photos of their jewellery box, their clothes and interests and I am pretty sure we can help you find a style that they will love. Contact Ellie here.

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