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Festival In a Box. Undeniably unique tailor made festival events for all occasions.


At Festival In a Box our philosophy is simple: to create hand-tailored festival style events that your friends, colleagues, clients or employees will talk about for years to come whilst ensuring a professional, stress free and fun journey for you.

Festival In a Box have over 30 years’ experience within the industry and our ongoing relationships with large scale festivals - including WOMAD, Cornbury Festival and Soho House’s annual showstopper House Festival - mean we provide a truly unrivaled service.

In addition, we have excellent relationships with music management agencies, access to the latest and very best festival style entertainment, an extensive location database and superb contacts with the most innovative festival caterers around.


  • When Eleanor asked me to write a reference for FIAB, I was thrilled for the opportunity to deliver a glowing report.  But, just saying "the party was great and we loved it" seems a little light on the extent of our satisfaction.... we had the best time ever, we'll never forget it...

    FIAB designed and delivered the party of our lives........ It was unbelievable.  The whole process from start to finish was thoroughly enjoyable and without the stress you might expect from a traditional prima donna party organiser... Just working with Eleanor and Beckie, who are constantly upbeat, smiling and enthusiastic about the whole affair was great - we really felt involved in every decision along the way. It was like organising a party with your friends, the meetings were full of laughter and smiles all the way, they understood what we were looking for, they had great ideas all the way and where we wanted something different they were all ears.  There is NOTHING we wished for at the party which Eleanor and Becky didn’t deliver... that’s a pretty good thing, right?  So when the time came for the party, we were relaxed knowing that Eleanor and Becky had everything nailed down – that’s a good way to start the party!

    We weren’t the only people there who enjoyed themselves - our guests are still bouncing from the silent disco (simply hilarious!), falling over from the mojitos (simply delicious), struggling with the food (simply amazing) and still wearing face paint (simply ludicrous!)...  the details and finishing touches were great - glow sticks for the disco, wrist bands for the guests, name tags on the tents.... lighting up the trees, the flags - all just amazing..... they even managed a sunset, a full moon and a clear sky two days in a row - miraculous!

    I guess the ultimate reference comes with answers to two simple questions;

    Would we change anything? Absolutely not, no. not ever. NO.
    Will we do it all again?   The answer to that is an unequivocal yes.  Definitely, 1000 times yes.
    The only problem is coping with the disappointment of it all being over the next morning..... but that’s the case with all great events isn't it?
    Jack & Kate Blockley, joint 40th Birthday party

  • Thanks very much for putting on Candy Stock for us. It was AMAZING. I especially loved my luxury tipi. Michael and the MindCandies

    Summer festival party for 250 Mindcandies for Michael Acton-Smith, CEO Mind Candy and creator of Moshi Monsters

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