Blossom Trees – would you pass by these without snapping a photo?

blossom trees

It is impossible to think of springtime without an iconic image of cherry trees awash with perfect pink blooms instantly coming to mind.  Our Instagram feeds have got a whole lot flowery – and pink – this Spring, thanks to the cherry blossom trees that are blooming all across the city. Seriously, if you can pass by these without taking a photo… wait, why would you pass these without snapping a photo?

Thanks to The Source partner brand Twilight Trees you can enjoy blossom trees in bloom 365 days a year. Recently added to the blossom collection are these seriously gorgeous ‘Blossom Poms’ avaialable in either pink or white, their multi tonal blooms are a playful ball of blooms which are gently broken up with apple tree leaves, a perfect table centre!


Whilst we are talking blooms, we have to mention the rest of the blossom tree collection. Check out the beauties below, the best faux trees you ever did see!

For lots more info, images and direct enquiry form, check out Twilight Trees profile page on The Source

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