A blockbuster event

So: you’re planning a milestone birthday party/bar mitzva/bridal shower/ {fill in type of other party here} and the very first question you have to answer is “What sort of party do I want?” Your theme will inform all aspects of your event from invitations, to table decor, food to music. The theme should, ideally, be some sort of expression of the people who are being celebrated as well as one that will get the invitees excited before setting foot into the venue.

Movie themes have long been a reliable go-to—who doesn’t love a James Bond casino night party or an Alice In Wonderland afternoon tea? The more fantastical the movie, the more fun it is to build an event around and you are limited only by your own imagination and creativity.

This year brings us several blockbuster films which are sure to inspire events of all kinds so while you’re watching, take some mental notes on what elements of the film could translate into cool party details.

Here are just some of the films we think will make excellent party themes:

Ghostbusters  Ghost trap table centerpieces with green smoke seeping out, sweets dispensed from ghostbuster backpack, a giant light up marshmallow man to be used as a sign in board for guests. Just a few ideas, but there are so many great visuals to borrow from

Star Wars chock full of stunning visuals to be inspired by, this film is very easy to incorporate into  a party with just a few key details such as light sabers made of fluorescent tube lighting, large swaths of black fabric with pink lighting coming through to create an outer space like environment and serving staff dressed like Princess Leia or Han Solo.

Finding Dory: The bright color palette of blues, yellows and oranges lends itself equally well to children’s parties as to a celebration for adults who have a whimsical side. Thank past obvious aquatic elements and incorporate movements by using fishing wire hanging from the ceiling to suspend ribbon anemones, satin seaweed and painted twigs to resemble coral. Background sounds of ocean waves as well as lighting that makes the room to appear to be underwater are simple ways to carry this theme all the way through.

Whatever film you do choose, embrace the planning stages and be sure to have fun in the process because if an idea makes you giggle or smile while putting your event together, chances are that on the big day, it will do the same for your guests.

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