5 Top Party Trends for 2017

party trends for 2017

As we, at The Source, gear ourselves up to welcome and enjoy the hopeful breath-of-fresh-air that will be 2017, we are aware of a slight twist in style and party trends for 2017. Everything seems to be more streamlined and local, less glitzy and wasteful. This feeling flows through from party ideas  through to wedding dresses and food – a celebration should still be as lavish as possible, but maybe leave the neon highlights at the door this year.

1. Invitations are the perfect starting point to set the tone for your festivities, simply by the look and feel you choose. One of our most popular brands, Eagle Eyed Bride say they are getting more requests for “a ‘more simple design’. Maybe bells and whistles are becoming passé, gaudy, in favour of a sophisticated, refined quality…we’re seeing a trend towards simplicity – a simple font, a beautifully thick paper stock that couldn’t be printed-at-home. With no glitter to rely upon, it’s actually quite a skill to get it right!”

2. Wedding cakes that are OTT dramatic will be saying goodbye alongside 2016! Again, far less ostentatious ideas and designs are becoming a hit, especially tiered displays of individual cakes or gingerbread creations. Think Georgia’s Cakes with mini-doughnuts, exquisite macaroons or delicate little cupcakes, either chose one in an assortment of colours or a selection of a few different treats. Leave the heavy and rich cake behind this year and go micro! Nothing says “romance and style” as a pile of ombré macaroons. Truly. And you’ll achieve far less waste overall.

3. Local fare will become the go-to for trendy party food in 2017. The craze of serving dinner from a  Kerb food-truck at a party is not wavering in the slightest. We are showing, more than ever, an interest in where our food is grown and sourced and therefore, a substantial rise in sustainable catering using local and organic products is going to be clear.

This trend is bleeding into the drinks industry too, with the continued fascination for craft beer and gin and an abundance of multi-flavored twists on classic cocktails, Liquidchefs never fail to excite with their genius mixes – often highlighting organic fruits and herbs.

The next natural development from this interest in food quality and origin has to be the ever-popular food and beverage pairings, which are returning to vogue even for cocktail hour! Why not pair your mini-tacos with a spicy margarita, or mini burgers with locally crafted beer or even your caviar with an organic vodka!

4. Florals are also experiencing a change. Bouquets are less structured, more free flowing and the accoutrements are the main nod to any sort of flamboyance as the florists at Wild Wood London have noticed: “For 2017 brides, there is a rustic gold, and green floral colour-palette coming through. With loose hand dyed silk ribbons for the bridal bouquets and gold accents reflected in the invitations and cake decor.” So be a bit more relaxed and fluid with your floral choices and make them pop with ribbons, lace or fabric-wrapping.

5. Unusual escort cards are increasingly becoming a method in which to engage your guest immediately and set the tone for the celebration. Edible escort cards are reaching an all-time high, from tags on soda bottles, to satsumas, to a dinky bottle of honey, to a box of mints, the list of concepts is quite literally never-ending and can suit any theme. My worry that the guest won’t remember his table number after eating the thing and imbibing a few cocktails at the reception, seems to be unfounded by on-point party planners. Shhh, there’s always a list in the corner of the room! Tiny dwarf plants are also becoming very popular as a cross between escort card and party favour, beautifully tying in with the locally-grown message which will be de-rigeur in next year!

So  ROLL ON 2017 and give us what you’ve got! No matter what you throw at us, we’ll just keep on partying!!


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