5 Hydration Station Ideas For Your Garden Party

hydration station

A garden party today absolutely must have a drink stand, otherwise the guests are constantly asking for drinks, looking for a waiter or disturbing the host. Plus it adds so much charm and is ALWAYS a talking point, without fail. Of course the type of Hydration Station you go for depends on the occasion and the crowd.

The Classic Lemonade Stand

Whether it’s a kids party or an adults evening, a classic lemonade stand is nostalgic and brings sentimental memories of fun and childhood and easier times! Make it look vintage and you’re onto a winner!

hydration barsPimp Your Prosecco

Pimp Your Prosecco

The Champagne Bar is becoming increasingly popular in the US. One adds a selection of fresh fruit, cordials and fruit juices to the stand so that every guest can create their own perfect cocktail. No annoying barman with preconceived ideas about what your beverage SHOULD contain!

hydration station


The Beer Bar

Since the latest trend of artisan beer is ascending at lightning speed so are the beer bars at events. So if you’re having a more casual, rustic type wedding or birthday party why not let your guests choose and draw their own beer? Add a bit of a twist by offering mason jars to drink from instead of glasses or mugs. It’s bound to be a conversation-starter, always a blessing at these events!

hydration bars


Iced & Fruit-Infused Water Bar

Infusing water with lemon or mint isn’t a new thing, but an array of different flavones and very cold water at a garden event is almost a must! Especially so that the non-alcohol drinkers have something luxe to choose from too! Firstly some combos:

hydration bars

The more classic ones –

cucumber + lime + strawberry + mint

Watermelon + honeydew + mint


The citrus/herby ones –

lemon + raspberry + rosemary

orange + blueberry + basil


The outrageous and innovative ones –

Cucumber + mint + jalapeno

Orange + hibiscus + star anise

Pear + fennel

Then of course there are all the ice-cube options to take into a count! Of course the ice itself can be infused with fruit and herbs but go one step further and shape the ice into mini initials of the couple or the company logo. Water rises to another level! Triumphant!


Coffee & Hot Chocolate Bar

Coffee and hot drinks often seem to be forgotten at garden parties, so towards the end of the evening get a coffee and/or hot chocolate bar set up, again on a striking piece of furniture. Of course with these to beverages, there are so many additions and options to suit your guests and fill the table. From all sorts of coffees and sugars (and extra tipples) to a range of marshmallow for the hot choccy! This bar also lends itself to a couple of macaroons me thinks!



hydration bar


and for your very own Cocktail Bar…. The ultimate Cocktails On Tap. Bang on trend and keep your guests talking long after the party is over.  Click here to read more about having One Point Eight Bars at your event!

hydration bars


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