‘Evening In’ with chef David Scott

Thank you to everyone that joined us on Facebook LIVE for our ‘Evening In’ with David Scott of Blue Goose Catering. It was a fantastic evening with delicious food prepared in our home kitchen and a beautiful tablescape created by WHITEPAPER Event using our partner brands Duchess & Butler,  Eagle Eyed Bride & Wild Wood London.

Catering a dinner party, anniversary dinner, special birthday celebration or just because suddenly seems whole lot more attractive if you hire a chef to cook for you at home.

The excitement started with the menu selection. Would we like fish or meat? Tuna tartare or marinated salmon on pickled vegetables? Risotto or Lamb chops? We chose a mouth watering duck salad followed by lamb chops and sides. The chocolate souffle  for dessert was obviously a no brainer, did not disappoint, and in fact took the term ‘heaven’ to new heights – in all the excitement we only snapped a picture of the empty dish!

The ‘vintage with a touch of rustic’ table was beautifully laid with rose gold cutlery, coloured glass wear, ornate glass chargers and simple but yet fancy white ceramic plates from Duchess & Butler finished off with the prettiest bird name place cards and floral menus you’ve ever seen by Eagle Eyed Bride. The tablescape was made complete with scented rustic blooms lovingly designed and created by florist Wild Wood London.

The evening was as good a dining in a restaurant, without the arguments over who was going to drive. A slap up meal cooked in your own kitchen and the kitchen left spotless. What was not to like?

Hiring someone to cook in your own home might seem particularly decadent, but its not as expensive as you may think. There are no overheads except your own and you can drink your own wine.

David was an absolute pleasure to have in the kitchen and wasn’t phased at all when we watched him curiously preparing dinner, in fact he often teaches clients to cook and entertain for their friends – a great present to give someone!

The food was sublime both in taste and presentation and a table buffet really is a great way to share an evening with friends.

It’s hard to put a price on sitting in your home and being served dinner and sitting back enjoying your selves whilst someone else cooks and clears.

For further information on hiring Blue Goose Catering to cook in your house or to cater at an event click here. Enjoy the photos from a great evening.

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