Pillow cinema – the cosiest “night in” night out!

Pillow Cinema

We’ve all had nights where we are split between wanting to dress up and go out and wanting to snuggle up on the sofa in pyjamas and watch a film.  Pillow Cinema has come up with a genius solution to this conflict by combining the two options. In pop up locations all over London, you can go out to the cinema but stay in your comfiest of outfits because instead of traditional seating, you watch the film from the comfort of your own beanbag for two! Pillow Cinema provides a super cosy blanket as well and at £27.50 per beanbag hire, that’s a pretty inexpensive night out for you and a friend/spouse/partner or whomever.

For those who prefer to enjoy their film viewing in an upright position, there are more traditional seats available for 7.50 per person (less than the usual price of a cinema ticket), but honestly what could be more fun than having a huge sleepover-style movie party with like minded cinema lovers?

As for film selections, Pillow Cinema caters to a wide variety of tastes‚ÄĒ upcoming films include Carol, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Danish Girl, to name a few.

An onsite bar sells delicious drinks and snacks, ensuring maximum movie enjoyment.

Currently, Pillow Cinema is showing films in Sutton House, a gorgeous Tudor home run by The National Trust in the heart of Hackney.  Click here to sign up for updates about future locations for film showings.

For the chance to WIN 2 complimentary tickets, hop over to our Facebook page for instructions.

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