Tune in and turn on TV

Some of last year’s big TV shows had a huge influence on couples planning their big day.  The US hit Mad Men gave us sophisticated Dom Draper look-a-like grooms in slim fit suits and skinny ties with retro brides in vintage 60s style wedding gowns and birdcage veils.  At the other end of the scale we had the Edwardian British drama, Downton Abbey, inspiring decadent deco 1920s styles with brides taking influence from Mary Crawley’s drop waist wedding dress, floor length veil and laurel leaf tiara.  But the first big TV wedding of this year was Beth & Kirk’s 80s themed wedding on Coronation Street.  So, did they get it right?  You’ll be pleased to hear a resounding NO from all of us at The Source.  Having the bride and groom dressed as Madonna and Adam Ant, and the bridesmaids as Bananarama, is NOT among this year’s hot wedding trends.  So, step away from the hair crimper and leg warmers and keep your eyes on The Source for the next big TV influences and trends for the coming year.

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