Cocktails on tap – drinks trend 2016

cocktails on tap

Long gone are the days of waiting to be served in a busy cocktail bar. Long live cocktails on tap. With bartenders taking a leaf from the molecular side of the food industry, batching cocktails has never looked so good. And thanks to that, Cocktails on tap is fast becoming what One Point Eight have hoped for, the biggest drink trend of 2016.

With a mix of modern and classic infusion techniques, bartenders across the globe are now giving the consumer something to finally jump out of their seats and head back to the bar for. Cocktails on tap means you can be served 5 or different cocktails in a couple of minutes, max! It’s not only the consumers that are enjoying this, the bars are too. One Point Eight are among some of the Londoners championing this new trend and can be found on the festival scene, in pubs, at weddings or at one of london’s ever growing immersive events. Imagine getting the perfect expresso martini in a matter of seconds in the middle of a field. Well now you Can!

Cocktails on tap mean more than just quick drinks, it also means consistency. knowing that you can get the same cocktail over and over again at just the pull of a tap is one of the reasons you too should be getting behind this drinks trend. No more waiting, no more moaning about slow service, no more bad drinks.

One Point Eight Bar can be hired for any event and The Source team can testify that their cocktails are absolutely delicious. For more info click here.




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