Tote Amaze Bags

tote bag

It used to be that the guest was the only one bearing gifts at a party, but now the hosts like to give gifts out too!

So, what’s the best ‘going home present’ to give to guests at your next function?  Well, now that the government has introduced a mandatory 5p charge for plastic bags, the only thing to be handing out at your next party or corporate event is definitely a reusable and environmentally friendly tote bag.  That will save your guests a pretty penny, or five.

Our resident planner and co – owner of The Source, Aron Schlagman of WHiTEPAER event, recently created a branded collection of guest goodies which included branded flip flops, T-shirts, menus and most importantly, a tote bag to put everything in. Working with Daniel Bobroff of House of DB on the design of the logo, Aron says, “The client wanted all their friends and family to go home with something that actually gets used, rather than just sits in the back of a cupboard.  T-shirts are great because the kids tend to put them on at the party – but tote bags will be used again and again, especially now that we all have to pay for plastic bags every time we go shopping!”

Aron continues; ” branding of an event is becoming a much bigger deal now as clients look to create a longer lasting memory of an evening, that begins way back with the save the date and continues through the thank you cards. Who doesn’t like seeing friends in Waitrose with their event tote bag?”

So, cotton-on to a stylish and reusable (and, best of all, affordable) gift of a branded cotton tote bag and, before long, your party logo will be a regular on the high street.

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