Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but its time slot is changing thanks to a growing trend for Brinner – breakfast at dinner time.  Unsurprisingly, the idea has come over from the US where breakfast has been served round the clock for years.  Now London is catching on with restaurants like the Waffle House, My Old Dutch, The Porridge Cafe,  and the coolest new Shoreditch and Camden hang out the Cereal Killer café, where they serve breakfast in the morning, for lunch, for dinner, and for everything in between!

Lisa Burton, who heads up our brand partner Lisa’s on Broadway, has been a fan of Brinner for years, especially as her grown up sons often request it.  She commented:  “There are so many great breakfast and brunch recipes but just not enough Saturdays and Sundays in a week to enjoy them all so they’re making their way to our midweek dinner tables.” 

People often mistake cooked breakfasts as an unhealthy indulgence but they don’t have to be.  Lisa adds: “A full English Breakfast doesn’t have to be greasy and horrible like you imagine a fatty fry up to be – think of fabulous organic sausages, fresh tomatoes and amazing bread.  One of my favourites is aubergine salad served with a mushroom omelette – roasted aubergine with garlic and saffron yoghurt, fried onions and tomatoes.  The perfect Summer Brinner.”

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