The Tap Waiters

Tap Waiters

Imagine being served by finely dressed waiters and suddenly see them break out into a sensational tap dance routine. Expect noise, excitement, Jazz hands, audience interaction and much more… Well, you can be dazzled and entertained by the new dance act from Ilaidance.

Tap performers will be dressed as waiters and perform a 5 – 10 min dance show and even include interactive audience participation. What’s not to love?

This is one of their latest concept in shows, created by assembling the very best tap dancers in the UK and putting together a “slick and effective” act that can be performed at absolutely any type of venue. The show has an a capella dance part where the Tap Waiters will tap and interact with the audience getting them to clap along to the rhythm of their shoes and a second part where the full company will perform to some great backing tracks. It goes without saying the Tap Waiters look exactly the same as the waiters at your event to keep the show as a total surprise. Brilliant entertainment.

Watch a short preview here. You can view more fantastic entertainment acts from our partner brand Ilaidance here and receive your exclusive 10% discount when enquiring.

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