The Source Dishes Diwali Deets


Diwali at The Source

Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is an annual spectacle of lamps, lanterns, candles, delicious food, dancing, entertainment and gifts – all the ingredients one needs to pull off an amazing event! More importantly, The Source is your one-stop-shop to pull off THE Diwali party this season, with a veritable stable of entertainers, caterers, florists, prop specialists and photographers, our extensive directory is a must when planning any party.

And this is how we would bring Diwali to life this season.

Large cotton or paper lanterns should be focal decor and flowers can be bright and chromatic. The Source’s phenomenal bespoke floral designers,  Hiding in the City and Paula Rooney Designs are on hand respectively to navigate you through the maze of ideas and to execute flawlessly on the day.

Why not go the more fun route and have food-trucks serving different foods at the party rather than stiff silver-service!! KERB Traders have no less than four food vans specializing in Indian food; Dosa Deli makes divine dosa wraps, Horn OK Please have created the perfect samosa and Rolti Crews chutneys are to-die-for. Really. For an authentic feel, I would make a spice-station – piles of herbs and spices that guests can fill into little paper bags (market-stall stylee) to take home. A show-stopper and a thank-you gift in one – check.

Create a romantic and festive atmosphere by adorning the venue with thousands of Diya candles – tea-lights in brightly decorated clay holders – magical. Have Diamondesque Productions, send a dance troop to entertain your guests with some traditional Indian dancing – they enthrall and include the crowd! Hire a henna artist to sit at a decorated station with comfy sofas and bedeck hands with beautiful designs, a great way for guests to keep a reminder of your party close at hand for a few days after! Your sofas, your lighting, throne chairs, dining ware, chandeliers can all be sourced at Farley’s – a cutting-edge prop hire company with experts who will work alongside you to create the consummate setting for your celebration.

Fireworks are an absolute necessity at any Diwali function – leave those until the end, for guests to leave marveling both at the exhibition and at the breathtaking evening they’ve just had. Oh and on the way out, the take-home gift du jour has got to be a little ribboned jar of your favourite chutney. So charming, memorable and of course deelish!

So while you concentrate on your puja (prayers), let The Source Directory take the pressure. Let them do what they do best – create exciting, exotic parties with innovative ideas and concepts! Source The Source for the coolest party, any party – Happy Diwali!

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