A monochrome fantasy – the Holi Pod

colour fun in london

The regular bore of the work, eat, sleep, repeat cycle no longer has to continue; how about spicing up your day with a monochrome fantasy. It’s now time to inject some colour into your life and why not achieve this in a fanatic colour festival? Cinnamon Kitchen’s House of Holi are hosting a Holi Pod¬†event designed to intrigue a variety of ages and certain to be a fun day out for all. A rainbow selection of powdered paints will be provided, ensuring the capability to repaint your fellow peers with your imaginative designs!

Incase you’re wondering of any safety precautions, white protective suits will be provided and all colours are made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, allergy-free paint. It is a safe area to recreate your friends into extraordinary unicorns after being covered in clouds of paint beyond belief.

Timeout are running 12 sessions of which offer an exclusive pass to the Holi Pod event for an extremely reasonable price of just £8. Surely all this jubilant mess-making will cause quite a hunger but don’t worry! Cocktails and canapes will also be provided at just a small price of £7 to fulfill that ultimate experience looking to be offered. So prepare to have powder paint smothered over your hair, arms and legs until unrecognisable as well as have the capability to get back at your friends, incomparable to what you have ever done before! Imagine recreating this cloud of rainbow colour for your kids party РI predict a sudden sales increase in powder paint and protective suits! The only message we can give for advice from our perspective of this incredible event is good luck. 

Sessions run in Aldgate Friday March 4 2016 – Saturday March 12 2016. Tickets available here

Reported by Dov Zysblat – Age 15, lover of football, fitness and the delight of putting smiles on peoples faces.

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