Edinburgh Fringe – Scottish Highland Sling!

Edinbourgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe, one of the largest art festivals in the world started from humble beginnings when a handful of companies not invited to appear at the Edinburgh International Festival decided to turn up and perform anyway. It is sprawling, diverse and a little crazy!.

The Fringe takes place all over the city and true to its founding spirit it is open to anyone that can afford the journey.

With copycat events worldwide no-one has quite captured the sheer exuberance and diversity of the Scottish capital. So, with The Edinburgh Fringe taking place until the end of August, here is our latest instalment from LiquidChefs ¬†– ¬†partner brand of The Source, “the Scottish inspired Highland Sling”.
With strong Scottish roots this cocktail is made up of some amazing flavours. Scotch, Galliano, Apricot brandy, Cinnamon infused syrup and pressed apple juice are mixed together, served tall over cubed ice.
In a Shaker glass: 35ml Scotch, 12.5ml Galliano, 12.5ml Apricot Brandy, 10ml Lime Juice, 10ml Cinnamon Syrup, 50ml Cloudy Apple Juice. Shake and double strain into highball over cubed ice. Garnish with an apple slice.

Here’s tae ye – cheers!


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