Putting on your strappy evening dress in the middle of Summer can leave even the most glamorous of us feeling a little blue.  Quite literally!  It’s one thing to be wrapped up in jumpers and boots in this weather but when you have to slip into something that flashes a little more flesh it helps to have that natural glow to make you feel a million dollars.  But, it doesn’t have to cost that much and definitely doesn’t have to harm your skin.  Spray tans are all the rage now, but for those that are worried about looking like an oompa loompa (or smelling like one) you needn’t worry.

New spray tan formulations are extremely advanced and you can choose the level of colour that you want, and even the fragrance too (cherry, coconut and more), so everyone will think that you really have been somewhere exotic to get that healthy glow.  You can do it yourself but, for a smoother finish, less patches and a more even tan, you may prefer to leave it to the professionals.  Spray tans are quick and easy and are offered at most health and beauty salons up and down the country and some beauticians will even come to you so you can have it done in the comfort of your own home.  Top tip from our friends at Berrybrown – North London’s premier mobile tanning service team- is to exfoliate before you have it done as you get the best colour and it will last even longer.

Would you like the chance to experience the home service for yourself? Stay tuned in the coming weeks for your chance to win as we team up with the Berrybrown team for an exclusive pre summer giveaway.

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