Sushi Rolls for Christmas! What’s not to love?

Sushi Platter close up

The ideal catering for your Christmas party!

For most people the Christmas season is still weeks away but for those of us charged with organising the event, planning and preparation is likely to be well under way and with it comes the never ending list of boxes to tick.

At sushi rolls the season has already begun, working with event managers and party planners to create memorable sushi experiences for their guests. Over the past year they’ve worked with clients all over London, and with Sushi becoming the go to food for corporate events and parties, we think it ticks all the boxes this Christmas.

The WOW Factor

You cant deny the impact that a well prepared sushi bar can have on your guests, and really, it’s the only way to do justice to sushi of this quality.

The¬†minimalist¬†of layout of Sushi Rolls’ sushi bar has the added benefit of fitting in with any party theme.


The entertainment

Skip the 3 month wait for a seat at the chefs table in Soho and hire a sushi chef for your party instead. they will work behind the sushi bar, hand preparing¬†beautiful¬†food and demonstrate the art of sushi making. Not only will your guests be full the sushi will stay replenished and everyone will be entertained. What’s not to love!


Is sushi for everyone?

Catering from the fitness freak, weekend food blogger, part time vegan, and your friend with an intolerance to everything. Sushi rolls have got your back. With exciting new combinations and ingredients being introduced sushi has never been enjoyed so widely. See for yourself here. Treat yourself and your friends to a beautifully presented, freshly prepared sushi this Christmas, get in touch with the team at Sushi Rolls!




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