Strike A Pose – with a magical photo booth!


“Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it – with a magical photo booth and the click of a button”

The photo booth has become an almost necessary fixture at any large event, or even small one! For the older generations, cramming altogether in a small, sweaty booth brings back forgotten memories of their youth. For the younger crowd, it is a vibrant trend that shows no sign of growing old any time soon. “It’s total fodder for narcissism, you know” Ivanka Trump once said, and she was spot-on! Once the curtain is drawn the fun begins, guests feel decadent, naughty and clandestine. There’s something about it that illuminates people, encourages them to strike a pose, be whoever they want in that moment. Where official photos are more formal, the photo booth image allow you to show the more flamboyant side of yourself. AND the memory is captured in an everlasting photo, one couldn’t ask for a better party favour!

But the modern day photo booth (even the one that looks deceitfully dated) is a slick computer, a masterpiece of social media transmission, a vessel for the immediate global diffusion of amusing and boisterous shots! It can, quite simply, augment the fun-factor at any event substantially, just by being there.

Firstly there are different booths, depending on what aesthetic you are looking for. There’s the original, which of course can be customized with anything from wraps to LED lights in any colour. The open booth, which isn’t actually a booth rather a staged area with furniture and props, and cameras dressed up to give a vintage feel. The camera is operated by a foot pedal once all the posers are ready! For a retro feel why not hire the Airstream Caravan from The Photo Emporium, it’s a study in retro chic.

That’s just the look of your photo booth, now what more can it do? You can pre-choose green screen backdrop options for your guests, or filter-effects and of course a range of costumes, or wigs and hats, or oversized picture frames, or foam hands cardboard speech bubbles, or any prop to suit your theme. A stream of photos can be projected onto screens at the venue, so everyone can be constantly entertained by real-time photo booth antics. Pictures can be personalised with the date of an event, the names of a bride and groom, or a corporate logo and strap line. And then customised again when the guest can draw onto their photos on the screen before printing.

What makes this trendy form of entertainment supreme is the immediate interactivity potential. Most booths will have tablets attached to them, in which you input your details and choose to upload the images to your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter feed, or send it by text or email. So before you’ve even pinned the photo to your fridge, it is available in cyberspace for chosen public consumption!! And if you add the event hashtag to the image, it ties in with everyone else’s photos of the same event. Some brands even allow the host to ask questions on the screen for their guests to answer before they can take their photo. It’s a discreet and brilliant way of provoking sentimental comments from the guests at your bar-mitzvah or birthday party and a cunning method for a company to collate data on the clients at the Do. Genius.

Working with The Photo Emporium will ensure that your guests photo booth experiences are “not only fun but look beautiful too. We design and build our own booths, and they are unique to us. We use quality props & backdrops and top of the range photographic equipment to ensure our photos are the best.”

It’s got to be the “no-brainer” decision of any event planning, don’t overthink it, just SAY CHEESE!

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