Smith & Sinclair raising the bar at the Sanderson!

smith & Sinclair

Imagine waking up and finding yourself surrounded by all of your favourite things and they were all there for the taking….you’d have to say that you were like a child in a sweet shop!  Now tweak that famous phrase to read ‘adult in a sweet shop” and you’ve essentially described the mind blowing experience that alcohol pioneers Smith & Sinclair are bringing to the Sanderson Hotel in London this week.  Not content with consuming alcohol in the traditional manner- drinking from a glass of some sort- the innovative duo are bringing a pop up shop called The Flavour Room London at the Sanderson and will feature a cocktail sherbet wall (posh dib dabs), cocktail pastilles, unusual cocktails that change flavour and taste and the option to purchase unique drinks so that visitors can recreate the unusual concoctions at home.

The Flavour Rooms at the Sanderson will be open from 18 November  until 24 December, for those who like to leave their highly original Christmas gift purchases for the very last minute.  Smith and  Sinclair are trailblazers in the world of alcohol consumption and prove that there truly is more than one way to skin a cat.  Available for purchase are edible vodka, gin, rum and other sweets so you can literally eat your cocktails!  We know we’d rather see edible alcohol passed around at our holiday party than canapes and we’d guess that you would not object to the idea yourself. It’s like the best birthday party you’ve ever been to, but all grown up. 

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And it gets better…! To celebrate the opening of this Willy Wonka style alcoholic pop up experience, The Source is delighted to be collaborating with Smith & Sinclair to give away 10 presentation boxes of their cocktail pastilles, the perfect edible Canapé. So, if you are a Gin, Vodka or Whiskey lover this is your chance to sample their ‘eat your drink’ pastilles. all you have to do is let us know your favourite cocktail flavour on the form below!

Competition closes Dec 17th 2016.

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In a Willy Wonka world of alcholic cocktails, what would your favourite flavour be?

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