Shaved Cream – the It-refresher of the Summer!!

Shaved Cream

If you’ve spent all summer trying to cool down with ice-cream, snow-cones and slushies, you’ve missed a trick! Shaved Cream, a craze started in California, is now the only edible cooling accessory to be seen with in New York. Also known as snow-ice, shaved cream is a hybrid of ice-cream and shaved ice desserts, traditional in Korea and around Asia.

Take this simple concept, add an endless plethora of unusual and delectable flavour/topping possibilities and you have the highly popular, trend-setting team at Snowdays NYC -“Shaved cream pairs the fluffy texture of snow with the taste and creaminess of ice cream”. Mouthwatering and refreshing at once! They offer 6 distinct and different flavours -Roasted Black Sesame, NY Cheesecake – and an endless array of toppings from Cap’n Crunch to mochi to coconut shavings. Don’t forget the necessary drizzle to end with a flourish, condensed milk is the traditional version but fancy salted caramel or peanut butter sauce?

This notion is the perfect pick-me-up at any event – set up a van and let your guests choose and build their own snow-ice! The feeling of autonomy and creativity always thrills a guest, also they are plain and simple delicious. It’s the perfect boost to make sure your guests keep going strong on the dance floor and imagine wide eyed kids when serving this at a party! So bring in the snow-ice before the real snow days begin! Let’s cling on to summer just a tad longer!!

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