Save The Dates


Written by Anick Sinclair – Our US correspondant

“Save the dates” have become de rigeur today. Not enough that we spend ages deliberating over the style and form of the invitation to an event, nowadays one wouldn’t conceive of having a party without a save-the-date. Although it really is a tool for the host to book the date into people’s calendars way in advance, way before he needs to navigate the decisions about which petit fours, it also serves as another outlet for creativity and marks the beginning of a whirlwind of excitement.

Sure one could still go for old-school, classic Vera Wang printing for a classic wedding but the save the date today is a more casual communiqué. Where the formal invitation is the Matron of honor of tidings, the save-the-date is the giggling, red-cheeked page boy. Albeit a stylishly dressed page-boy!

Once magnets with a personal picture or corporate logo and the date of the event were the popular choice, or a puzzle that needed assembling (or even a magnetic puzzle!). Now we need interactivity to involve the invitee from the very start.

When you get a balloon with a beautiful ribbon in the post, you can’t help but be intrigued and feel compelled to blow it up. Excitement mounts at the prospect of the message! Now there’s a beguiling balloon hanging around the kitchen, a daily and tangible reminder of the big day! Especially brilliant for kids parties, barmitzvahs et al. Balloons could carry any printed news, even epic questions like “Penny, would you be John’s godmother?” (

Or for the adrenaline junkie why not spread the news with a personalised scratch card. A sentimental or amusing picture or photo on a card but the date needs to scratched out for the big reveal!( Personalised boardgames like snakes and ladders with photos, dates and any extra info are great fun, interactive and pump out a strong dose of nostalgia every time they are played ( Also interesting is the postcard that comes delivered with 3D glasses to actually decipher the message, interactive amusement at its best!(

But I have to say my favourite so far, the guaranteed smile-bringer, is the bag of expensive, gourmet dates in a sleek, organic-foods-type ziplock bag. The gorgeous and streamlined printed sticker on the front simply said “a date to remember” with the date and the occasion. Interactive? Flipping edible! Does it get any better?!?! (Bags –; stickers –; delicious dates – your local good middle-eastern deli).

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