Rocking the oysters.

Rocking the oysters

Oysters are the latest trend in the culinary world. Once only seen at fine-dining restaurants, oysters can now be found on 10% of menus in the US and they are fast taking over from crisps and peanuts at cocktail hour.

They’re cheap because bays and tidal basins are being detoxed so farmers are reseeding old oyster beds and discovering new ones, dozens around the country.¬†The movement¬†is¬†being picked up by food trucks (great showstopper at a function)¬†and bartenders everywhere are mixing drinks and sourcing sharp white wines to enhance the experience. Sophisticates guess where the oyster is from by the brine, acidity and shape, traditionalists stick to classic sauces but for innovative¬†upstarts the world is their oyster! Today we’re seeing flavours like¬†lemongrass cocktail sauce, horseradish granita, chorizo butter and even fried oyster on your steak. Currently, the¬†highest trending oysters are tiny kusshi oysters from British Columbia, recommended to be accompanied by an absinthe cocktail.

Try out the best Oysters in London and that after-work drink might never look the same again!

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