with Jacqueline & Katie

What inspired your career journey?

Not being able to find premium and beautifully coordinated stationery and décor for our own weddings initiated the idea. With Jacqueline's background in merchandising and planning and Katie's background in fashion and giftware, we're a pretty formidable team!

What are your trend predictions for 2016?

Crisp, unfussy and paired back design with a luxury finish is becoming more popular in contrast to the busy DIY and vintage trends of the last few years.

Do you live by any motto or philosophy?

Approach everything with a smile and be the best you can be.

What would your best piece of advice be for someone beginning his or her planning journey?

Don't try to do it ALL at once. Start with the thing that's most important to you and build upon it. Creating a Pinterest board for your event helps to clarify your ideas and communicate with suppliers.

What's your favourite season, why?

Spring! With new shoots in the garden and the wedding season in full swing spring really is our favourite time of year.

P.S and just for reference, what's your favourite word in the English language?