with Gabriella

What inspired your career journey?

I love working with people and I needed a new creative outlet and a new challenge. I have always loved flowers – especially their colours, textures and seasonality. They were the perfect product to combine creativity, design and customer service.

What are your trend predictions for 2017?

Green – foliage is all the rave at the moment. There are so many things you can do with it to create arrangements and centerpieces that are not run of the mill. If you love different textures and tones, foliage is definitely a trend to watch. Tropical – I think this is going to explode onto the scene by the end of 2017. There are so many fun and quirky elements to this theme, and everyone loves bright bold flowers even if they don’t initially realize it. Large installations – I am getting more and more requests for large floral installations. From hanging hoops, flower backdrops, large arches, and meadow like aisles. I can’t wait to start working on these larger scale elements.

Do you live by any motto or philosophy?

Be the best version of you!

What would your best piece of advice be for someone beginning his or her planning journey?

Sometimes, if you are not sure what you want, planning an event can be quite overwhelming. I always recommend my customers put together some ideas and images of things they like or feel a connection to. These can be anything – and do not need to be party related. I then work with them to find a common thread. In the past these have ranged from a colour to a fashion designer to a city. If you find the planning overwhelming, working together with someone who can draw out your vision, and bring it to life is money and time well spent.

Gabriella Shemtov Floral

What's your favourite season, why?

I could never choose. That’s why flowers are awesome – every season is different, and everything is always evolving.

P.S and just for reference, what's your favourite word in the English language?